Countdowns for macOS - menu bar application

Never forget about anniversaries, exams, or deadlines, thanks to always-on Mac's menu bar application. Counting days in the calendar will be a past.

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Countdowns Menu Bar Preview Countdowns Menu Bar Preview

Menu bar countdown application with widgets

Birthdays, holidays, new movie premiere, wedding anniversary, Superbowl finals, project deadline, current Pomodoro Technique® time unit (called Pomodoro), or new iPhone's release date. You can also track the progress of a year, school semester, or a workweek.

Application screens Application screens
Application screens Application screens
Feature 1 - Menu bar Feature 1 - Menu bar

Menu bar

Make this a ritual. At the beginning of the workday, you can expand a list of your countdowns and see how much time left for these critical events. It helps you stay organized and better manage your time.

Feature 2 - Widgets Feature 2 - Widgets


Countdowns application offers notifications center widgets. You can control the size, style, and items displayed on the notification center.

Feature 3 - Synchronization Feature 3 - Synchronization


Are you using different macOS devices? Your countdowns will synchronize between them using your iCloud account.

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